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3 Stars 16 Reviews
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La Tasca
Tombland, Norwich, NR3 1RF
Tel. 01603 776420

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Reviews for La Tasca, Norwich

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Listing 16 reviews

Rating: 4 Stars Review by tonyg Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 10th February 2011

Generally if I want Spanish I eat at Torero but my wife and I went to La Tasca on one of their "All you can eat for 10" promotions to give it a try. The waitress was extremely friendly and helpful and the service pretty quick. the range of dishes available on the promotion was limited but those we had were decent - the chorizo in red wine and the chicken croquettes both being particularly good although the patatas bravas were not great. I note and agree with other reviewers concerning price although there seem to be any number of offers available at all times. I will probably go back but I have to say I still prefer Torero which has better food, feels more Spanish and has one of the best waitresses in the city.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Carlos Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 21st August 2010

Often knocked and while not as traditional as other spanish restaurants in the city, is a good place to try out a variety of spanish dishes. Warm atmosphere and unique venue. Can be a bit pricey but again often have deals available to try even more tapas dishes at reduced price.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by Jazpa Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 31st May 2010

The food was ok, if only I could see it, it was so dark in there. Pricey, and a bit, well, boring for what you expect to be a fun Spanish night out. Wouldn't go again.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Cookbynature Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 15th June 2009

Oh dear. This food is not Spanish!
Yes, it would appear by the name and by many of the menu choices that it was Spanish but they could not of got this restaurant chain more wrong.
I would suggest that the La Tasca chefs could benefit from visiting their closest "truly Spanish" rival.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by silvernick

norwich, United Kingdom - 11th October 2008

Having been to Spain and the Basque Country on many occasions I was surprised to find that whoever cooked the food at La Tasca had obviously not. Having been served food which was blatantly less than fresh, I was further disappointed by the flavours (or lack of). The chef seems to be under the impression that tinned tomatoes and parsley are the only ingredients known to a Spaniard. Lacking the gift of hindsight, we order about 10 different dishes; spoilt for choice we thought. However after tasting, we couldn't decide which one we could stomach a second mouth-full of.
The only positives were,1 - The service(so good you don't want to complain and reduce such a lovely girl to tears); and, 2 - The cheese garlic bread, which despite not being Spanish, was undoubtedly the only thing worthy of the name, 'food'.
Couldn't pay me to return.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Lady_la_Forge Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 16th March 2007

In comparison to the other Tapas available in Norwich, I'd mark up La Tasca as the standard-MacDonalds variety. This is probably a good place to go if you are yet to try Tapas, but if you're looking for something more traditional and authentic walk down the road to Torrero.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by babykt_m

norwich, United Kingdom - 4th December 2006

A cute authentic stlye tapas bar with a relaxed atmosphere! Although service was a little slow the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The food was delicious, the chicken very tender and the breaded king prawns were succulent! Airing on the expensive side for such small portions but definitely an enjoyable experience!

Rating: 3 Stars Review by JLO Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 7th October 2006

Acceptable Spanish style food. Has a problem with speed of service when it is busy and can be a little pricy for the drinks. If you are going out in a big group 10+ then this would be an ok choice. If not there are better places to visit for authentic Spanish food.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Amber85

Norwich, United Kingdom - 24th August 2006

I recently visited La Tasca with a large group of people. I found that we had to wait an age for the food and when it eventually did come a long it was very basic but expensive. However, the resturant had a good spanish feel to it and was very spacious inside. The service was friendly although slow. I don't think I would visit La Tasca again in a hurry.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Briggsey Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 25th June 2006

Big fan of tapas. Drinks,bread and olives came out well enough. Sadly we had to wait an age for our Paella so we had to leave. We were told that we needed to wait 45 mins for the preparation of the Paella which is fair enough... on waiting 1 hour 35 minutes we left!

Rating: 4 Stars Review by princessamelth Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 14th June 2006

The tapas here is gorgeous and not too badly priced. It's i deal for people who love starters because it's just like ordering starters all night long, the marinated olives are really nice aswell!

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Cam Trusted Reviewer

Suffolk, United Kingdom - 2nd June 2006

I really like La Tasca, and in my opinion big eaters wont have a problem- my boyfriend could eat a horse and he loves it here. The tapas selection is great. The Cava Sangria is very nice, but could do with less ice and more wine at 15 a jug! I would recommend this place for everyone, no matter what you like there will be some dishes to suit. The atmosphere is great too, low candle effect lighting and flamenco style music!

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Gillrick Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 10th March 2006

Having waited at the bar for 30mins we were then told that the paella would take 45mins. We had asked if we could put our order in whilst waiting at the bar but was told this wasn't possible. We decided to go for it anyway. 45 mins went by and we decided to order some bread (took a while to attract someone's attention). It finally arrived 1hr15 after ordering and was very bland. I'm told the tapas is worth going for though.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Wend Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 5th March 2006

A little on the commercial side, but over all gives you that little sparkle of Spain on a dull winters night! Don't go here if you're a bit eater you will need too many dishes and after all Tapas is Spanish for "snack"! On average for two of us we normally require 6 tapas dishes. Good selection of red spanish wines! A restaurant which in my opinion really comes into it's own on a hot summers evening, sit outside on Tombland, enjoy some sangria with friends and watch the world go by!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by mvk0016 Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 13th February 2006

Really pricey for very average food. Last time I went everyone got a stomach ache, so I'm never venturing there again.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Manchego Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 12th February 2006

Bit commercial but can't fault the little bit of spain, La Tasca brings to Norwich. Can be a little pricey piling up the many tapas dishes but if you miss spanish cuisine give it a try.

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