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3 Stars 9 Reviews
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Bar Tapas
16-20 Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AT
Tel. 01603 764077

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Reviews for Bar Tapas, Norwich

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Listing 9 reviews

Rating: 1 Stars Review by chloerose08

Norwich , United Kingdom - 22nd January 2012

We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of this place very much, it was the service that warrants such a bad rating. Upon entering our waiter was incredibly rude to us because we had reserved for 6 and we were only 5. Afterwards one member of our group moved to the head of the table to be closer to us all, a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but again our waiter (who turned out to be the owner) was very unhappy with making slight adjustments that should just be part of the service, not an extra chore (and even if it is an extra chore, don't let the customer know this). After eating our meal it took 20 minutes for a plates to be cleared, at which point we decided to say something. The owner then began an argument with us about who was ruder to ruder who. I've never had someone speak to me like that in a restaurant. In other restaurants I've had food and/or drinks taken off the bill in apology, but instead we found a hefty service charge, which we refused to pay and left.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by sams

norwich, United Kingdom - 4th January 2011

I wish I could give this a higher rating as the food was lovely.
The service however let it down, my partner had to get up and find the waiter whenever we wanted something as he was nowhere to be seen after we were seated.
Very cramped seating, I could hear the man next to me more clearly than my partner on the same table.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Jazpa Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 31st May 2010

The drinks are very dear, and the tapas all looks a bit sad and old under that tiny counter with the strong white light! Barman left me and friend standing there for a good 10 minutes before serving us. Wouldn't go again.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by tonyg Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 2nd April 2007

Great atmosphere, particularly late in the evening when Norwich's Spanish speaking community come out to play. Always made to feel very welcome despite my total lack of language skills. Food OK but not as good as Torero. Personally I'd eat at Torero and then go on to Bar Tapas for the rest of the night.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Lady_la_Forge Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 30th October 2006

"I dined here on a Friday night.
The ambience was great, although at times it was a bit difficult to talk over the music.
The food was good but I've had better tapas elsewhere in Norwich.
One major let down was the lack of staff. They may have been under staffed on the night, but this really affected my overall opinion.
I would have preferred to see a better dessert menu too - I'd recommend getting an extra tapas dish instead, as the choice is all pre-frozen bought-in stuff."

Rating: 1 Stars Review by sabell

norwich, United Kingdom - 11th September 2006

Very poor value for money, we got party menu for 3, would have been cheaper to order the dishes we got seperately. When I complained, I was told that 'nobody else has complained' he then walked off ignoring us for rest of night, even though we would have ordered more wine and dessert. Used to be good but poor customer service and I think the food quality is going downhill too. I will not return or recommend it to to others. Torero is way better

Rating: 3 Stars Review by ElGeeBee Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 2nd September 2006

not a great experience. very cool (cold) interior. we're not into large portions but these were derisory! in spite of spending a small fortune, we came away hungry. service was quite good and friendly. with my spanishy nom de plume, i maybe ought to have been more positive, sorry!

Rating: 4 Stars Review by LushElle Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 26th June 2006

Quite pricey, especially if wanting to build up a selection of tapas dishes BUT without a doubt the most traditionally spanish (or south american!?!) feeling place in the city.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Higgins Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 31st January 2006

Big fan of spanish food and this place is great as it's very authentic especially compared to some so called spanish restaurants in Norwich. Bit pricey if you're looking to stack up on tapas dishes but worth trying.

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