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4 Stars 25 Reviews
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Mambo Jambo Restaurant
14-16 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL
Tel. 01603 666802

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Reviews for Mambo Jambo Restaurant, Norwich

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Listing 25 reviews

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Rating: 5 Stars Review by francesmarie

Edinburgh, United Kingdom - 13th July 2010

Have visited Norwich a few times and always eat at Mambo Jambos. My sons and I love the food there, it is well presented, well cooked and very tasty. We have been on numerous occasions and have never been dissapointed. Portions good sized - especially for two hungry teenagers! Staff very friendly and service excellent.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Jazpa Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 31st May 2010

Wouldn't go again, the whole place was just a bit dark and crowded feeling, ordered the ribs and was presented with a plate of bones, not very good.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by Fabio

Barcelona, United Kingdom - 10th March 2010

Really enjoyable evening, food was very good, service was excellent and atmosphire was supurb. A really excellent evening and fun had by all. The only downside is it had to end, but i'll be back there for sure

Rating: 3 Stars Review by Wfd Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 23rd November 2009

Always good food - evenings can get really busy so advisable to book. Good choice of courses, something for everyone. Good choice of drinks. Key lime pie best desert ever!!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by louishurrell

norwich, United Kingdom - 21st November 2009

over the past few years we have dined at mambos several times,and in most cases we have been more more than satisfied with the quality of the service and food,but i am sad to say that on the last 2 or 3 visits, it has all gone a bit pear shaped in every respect,so bad we will be dining elsewere in future.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by madlysheepish Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 1st January 2009

Mambo Jambo's is FANTASTIC! By far the best restaurant in Norwich. Have been there loads of times, meals are always really quick to get to the table, waitresses have outstanding customer service and are very friendly.
I also recently organsied my work's christmas meal and took 30 people there - every single one enjoyed their meal and had a great night. One bit of advice: book weeks in advance as can get very busy esp. on sat nights.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by silverstick Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 12th August 2008

Is it me or is Mambo's just Pedro's with more of a regimented atmosphere? The food is pretty similar but it lacks the pizzaz (that's pzaz not pisas spealt wrong) of the clostrophobic yet party atmosphere of the chapelfield nosh joint. Mambo's always seems a bit of a cop out to me - if you want great South American food piled up in front of you try and make the effort to walk the 500 or so metres to Chapelfield Gardens and do the job properly I say! In Mambo's favour it does have a bit more character than some city restaurants due to it's layout but for a real improvement I'd suggest they ditch the recatangular tables with the "get 'em in, feed 'em, get 'em out" layout and try and mix it up a bit.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by The_Fletch Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 25th March 2008

I've just got back from Mambo Jambo tonight. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for dining out but I just didn't enjoy it. It was fairly busy so we had to wait for a table because we hadn't booked. When we did get a table it was about 15 minutes before our order was taken, by this time other people had came in after us and already had their starters! (I should also add that they had received their bill and left before we even had our main.)

The food itself was very good and the portions are quite big. At the end of our meal our plates were left with us for a very long time before being collected, at which point we asked for the bill.

In summary, the food is quite good and at an average price. The quality of service that we received was a BIG let down. I usually tip very well in restaurants but tonight I didn't tip at all.

I respect that they were busy but that wasn't our fault. If you can't offer a decent level of service when you are full, lose some tables.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by Andyman Trusted Reviewer

United Kingdom - 5th March 2008

Great atmosphere, excellent food (a little to much though). Really good, friendly service. Definately recommend it to anyone who hasn't been.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by BeatBaby

Norwich, United Kingdom - 26th February 2008

Mambos is one of my favourite restaurants in Norwich. The restaurant is small and cosy but the atmosphere is lively, the food is filling and the staff are friendly. Sometimes I've found them to be a bit stressed out, but it's a popular restaurant and they are only human and never appear to be rude. I've mostly attended with big groups and not once has anyone complained about their meal; apart from that it's a big serving and they shouldn't have eaten before coming here! I wouldn't recommend it as romantic dinner for two but definately for friends, family and big groups.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by tonyg Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 1st October 2007

Best Mexican in the city although the competition is not exactly stiff. Food is decent and not overtly microwaved (unlike Pedros), menu is wide and portions are man-sized! Desserts are particularly good although not necessary if you have had a starter and a main. Not a good place for a date but good to go with a group if you are looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by cheekychick308

Norwich, United Kingdom - 17th September 2007

Great restaurant friendly fast service and reasonably priced a good night out and great for parties.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by Kermit

Norwich, United Kingdom - 26th June 2007

Mambo's is great for having a few drinks and a hefty meal. It's got a funky décor and a vibrant atmosphere. I don't think I have had a dessert at Mambo's as the starter and main portions are huge!

Rating: 5 Stars Review by beek

norwich, United Kingdom - 11th May 2007

Having visited mambo jambos on the evening of wed 9th may i would recommend this restaurant. having not reserved a table, we were able to be seated straight away, and a drinks order was taken as we sat and looked through the menu. The menu is quite large so you will need a good few minutes to decide. I found the waitress to be very pleasent and attentive. Polite staff a def must for me when eating out, nothing worse than being served by somebody that has no interest in there job, but i can safely say this was not the case here, we were made to feel at home.. desserts are huge so make sure you leave room or share. will def be returning soon.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by daniels47 Trusted Reviewer

United Kingdom - 15th March 2007

We picked Mambos for our christmas meal. The staff were a bit stressed out and a bit snappy but the food made up for the lack of service, although most of the desserts were still frozen! The restaurant is a bit small but overall no complaints!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by hana

norwich, United Kingdom - 28th February 2007

we asked them to bring out a cake we had made at the end of the meal.I thought this whole suprise birthday cake idea was slighty ruined as we had to ask them to bring out the cake after the bill was given to us!the orders had been mixed up and we were being hurried along all the time.I cant help but feel that the reason we were treated in this way was because we were 9 young girls rather than adults.but at the end of the evening we still paid £100 for the bill.i personally wont be hurrying back!

Rating: 5 Stars Review by Fluffyboots

Norwich, United Kingdom - 19th December 2006

Mambo Jambo is the 1st place I would eat in the whole of the city, it is brilliant and staff are friendly

Rating: 3 Stars Review by sabell

norwich, United Kingdom - 11th September 2006

I find the food a little bland. It is not authentic at all. Service is usually good and it is okay for a last minute meal. But not if you are looking for authentic and quality mexican

Rating: 3 Stars Review by ElGeeBee Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 2nd September 2006

we like it! has atmosphere, plenty of choice, friendly service, reasonable price and quality, though the portions are always too large (is that a complaint??) usually go at lunchtime since evenings are just tooooo noisy!!

Rating: 5 Stars Review by MrsE2B Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 2nd August 2006

I have been to Mambo's as a couple, for birthdays, anniversaries, with small children .... It is a family favourite, and although sometimes you may have to wait for the food, I know it is because it is being cooked from scratch and not being kept warm. The atmosphere is great - lively and relaxed. BUT can be noisy. Maybe not the best for romantic tete-a-tetes! Easily my favourite restaurant in the whole of Norwich.

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