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3 Stars 12 Reviews
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Chicago Rock Café
24-26 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1LF
Tel. 01603 767234

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Reviews for Chicago Rock Café, Norwich

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Listing 12 reviews

Rating: 5 Stars Review by clivedyballl

norwich, United Kingdom - 12th August 2011

I was sad,to read,some reviews. As I Visited the Chicago Norwich,for the first time,on Thurs. 10/8/2011, for the Karaoke. I found a really friendly, atmosphere, and a appreciating crowd. and a Top Rate, Quality "Kings Karaoke",Sound System present. I had a really good time, Thanks to all."Mr Vampire".

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Gstar Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 14th November 2010

Dirty, smelly and disappointing. This is not the place I remember. It was not very busy but took over 15 mins to get a drink. The bar staff were unsure what drinks they served and when I asked for champagne to celebrate an event I was presented with a bottle of sparkling rubbish @ £10!!! The toilets had no locks on the doors and no toilet paper, hardly what you would expect at 9.30pm! We didnt even finish our drinks. Clean up and you might get some punters!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by suseebee

norfolk, United Kingdom - 10th April 2010

wot have you done to this club? it used to be so very friendly and the clients were of mixed ages and the music was changing the dance area to upstairs it has brought in too many yobs theres no dress code and wot a waste of the space down stairs.put it back to the way it used to be.the good guys have all left and i dont blame them

Rating: 2 Stars Review by hotchick

cambridge, United Kingdom - 3rd September 2009

o my can you guys get it so wrong, go back to being a traditional chicago rock, with great retro music and fun atmosphere, i hate how you have changed!

Rating: 2 Stars Review by teany

Norwich, United Kingdom - 8th September 2008

After the refurb thought this would be a great venue for a work do of 27. Oh boy how wrong I could be! Even though I had booked 2 weeks in advance they only had a trainee chef on that night hence all the food was cold and only some dishes arrived. They tried to sort it out but at best they waived the charge for food and gave us 4 complimentary bottles of some champagne substitute! The only one redeeming feature was the low cost drinks. Suffice to say work mates were very merry and forgot about the shoddy food. Tunes were cheesy, cliental ropey but a good night out considering I spent under a tenner!

Rating: 3 Stars Review by silverstick Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 5th August 2008

Chicagos - what a big mistake! Don't worry, I'm one of it's biggest fans but the re-fit was completely unnecessary and smacks of the corporate direction an established venure of Norwich can suffer from (new slug and lettuce anyone?). The music is not a strong point and it's capacity is small - so why is it still so popular... the people. You'll meet friendly faces who you can talk to, the bouncers are discreet and the drinks aren't too expensive. Chicagos rides the criticism levelled at it with ease but it has been bruised by it's modernisation. It may attract a large, young and trendy crowd on a Thursday now but another sucker punch such as a new Brannigans could floor this old legend of Norwich as it trys to move on from it's faithful crowd and it's soul.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Carlos Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 26th May 2008

You can have a laugh here but the modern refurbishment cant hide that this is one hell of a messy meat market. Fine if you like that kinda thing.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by nice35f

norwich, United Kingdom - 1st May 2008

I really wouldn't give it 1 star - the worst place in Norwich, the men are so ugly and Neandathol, girls only go here if you want to meet a buffoon, I got nipped, kicked, groped and my foot stood on because the guys don't know how to treat a girl, the dancefloor is full of idiots and the music is rubbish - stay away! I've never felt compelled to write a review, but it's so bad - I want to warn you, it should be free, I paid £7 to get in, that adds insult to injury - Norwich clubs are a rip-off Chicago's is the worst!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by bertie

Norwich, United Kingdom - 9th March 2008

Chicago's please please go back to how u used to be!
ur just trying too hard now...uv lost my vote and loads of my m8s votes now.
Sorry Chicagos u suck!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by heartbreaker

Norwich, United Kingdom - 9th September 2006

This is the worst place i've ever been! Dirty, smelly, tatty. The place is really not nice. The people it contains unfortunately are similar to the surroundings. I can't believe they would charge an entry fee. On the positive side, it is character building!

Rating: 5 Stars Review by kandoo Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 4th September 2006

A spiritual home of mine but sadly the crowds don't seem to flock here like they used to. If 80's music and a great atmosphere is your thing then Chicago's is the place to be - just don't be surprised to bump into your granny here!

Rating: 2 Stars Review by LoopyLiz Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 21st January 2006

I love cheesy nights out with the girls but this place is getting so dated! Will only often stagger in here after a handful of wines!

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