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4 Stars 14 Reviews
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Mercy Nightclub
86 - 88 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1NJ
Tel. 01603 627666

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Reviews for Mercy Nightclub, Norwich

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Listing 14 reviews

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Skids

Norwich, United Kingdom - 11th October 2008

went to Mercy for the first time last night...Dj was excellent, vip was interesting, had to get a stamp off a hostess...she was nice lol. Well worth a visit!!

Rating: 2 Stars Review by Inyourshoes

Norwich, United Kingdom - 26th August 2008

First time in this place with people who regularly visit. Through the friends we were ushered to the VIP area. Seemed lovely; different dance floor, dj etc. Then, with guests, went to 'special' VIP area. Smaller. Lots of hands 'signed' by employees. Went to toilet and out of area to be told that didn't have correct 'signitures' on hands to return to 'special' VIP. Drinks and friends still in room. No common sense from staff especially headless person 'in charge' on a Sat night. Bradley? Heavy handed, no PR training. Not a particularly nice experience. Optic far classier

Rating: 4 Stars Review by silverstick Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 5th August 2008

Mercy is in my mind Norwich's premier nightclub right now. Fair enough it has taken over from the likes of Hy's, Ritzy's/Ikon, Time/Lava-Ignite and Rick's Place - ahem, but it needs some real competition and has stagnated over the last 3 or 4 years. Seeing "The Puppetman" from Norwich Market the last time I went there as an entertainment just about sums this place up. It's trying, but not very hard. Still probably the best clubbing experience you'll get in Norwich this year and unfortunately for a few more as yet!

Rating: 4 Stars Review by smithad

Essex, United Kingdom - 12th June 2007

My m8 Russel and i went to Norwich the other week, we visited Mercy and loved it! Another guy from our village is obsesed with indie music so we are going tonight for the indie 5000 night!

Rating: 2 Stars Review by vonhouse

norwich, United Kingdom - 22nd February 2007

What happened to the gaff!?!?!

Ive seen more people in a bus queue than you get in there on a weeknight!!

I cant believe they charge you to get in!! need all the rent a crowd they can get!

Rating: 5 Stars Review by LucyLu_xxx

Norwich, United Kingdom - 20th November 2006

Mercy is by far the best nightclub in Norwich Knocking spots off all the others! The variation of music is wicked and the the staff are always friendly! The little extras make all the difference Human Statues! Shot Girls! Inflatable Doormen and Fire Breathing! Love it!!! Keep up the good work!!!! x

Rating: 4 Stars Review by kandoo Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 1st September 2006

Great music and this place really revels in being Norwich's newest and biggest nightclub. Drinks are expensive compared to pub prices, obviously, but entry after 11pm can be pricey too so my best tip is to head down to riverside, pick up a flyer and head in before 11pm. You'll save a packet!

Rating: 4 Stars Review by luke Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 12th August 2006

A great club fopr the 18-21 olds. Decor is top notch, great dj's.

Doorstaff can be a little letchy but deal with trouble well.

Nice VIP room shame about some of the people in it.

Overall a very nice club.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by adam Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 10th August 2006

used to be a fun place to go, nice decor, but recently the door staff have seemed very rude and stuck up, and put me and my friends off going in.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by Norwich4eva

Norwich, United Kingdom - 5th August 2006

Still love Mercy on a Thursday night and the music is great too. Found a couple of the 'security' staff rude the last couple of times i've been, which i didnt think was very appropriate. Other that little moan, love the place! Cheap drinks b4 midnight, fab! x

Rating: 3 Stars Review by USAmanUK

Attleborough, United Kingdom - 12th March 2006

I have been going to Mercy for two years off and on. I always like the club. But I went recently and was very disappointed. I love to dance and Mercy is the place to do it, but the atmosphere is turning a bit dark these days.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by wickyt Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 8th March 2006

Good club to finish the night in. Good relaxed atmosphere upstairs, drinks not too excessively priced and a good sized dancefloor downstairs make this a club for those seeking a good night, without the hassle of some of the other Norwich clubs.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by LisaH

Norwich, United Kingdom - 30th January 2006

The best club in Norwich by far. The music is great on a Thursday and Friday night.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by Norfolkboi Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 23rd January 2006

Mercy nightclub is still one of the best clubs in Norwich. Not everyone's cup of tea but great if you want the biggest venue in Norwich. Great value student nights!

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