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3 Stars 19 Reviews
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Delaney's Irish Bar
41 St. Andrews Street, Norwich, NR2 4TP
Tel. 01603 305995

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Reviews for Delaney's Irish Bar, Norwich

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Listing 19 reviews

Rating: 5 Stars Review by LilSim

King's Lynn, United Kingdom - 6th July 2014

I have to say the current owner of Delaney's is the most genuine chap I have come across. As I managed to misplace my wallet & he duly found it as I called him up about it. Also I hasten to add that all my contents that I had in there was all accounted for (baring in mind that I had more than £200 in it) . Also I must say that I found the atmosphere of the pub to be friendly and the rest of the bar staff are just as genuine.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by PHILJAZZ

Norwich, United Kingdom - 12th September 2012

I'm glad that I'm not the only one to think that this lady is that bad. As someone who has run pubs for a long time and meet a lot of people in the trade she has to be the worst front of house person I have ever seen. (And that is saying something!!!)

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Scarlettpayne Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 18th February 2012

What started out as a wonderful birthday celebration turned into a short and horrible evening. My husband and two of our mates decided to go to Delaney's as it was my birthday we had been in the pub for a couple hours minding our own business keeping to ourselves when an individual joined us and we decided to buy this person a round we were banned for trying to get him a drink. The lady that managed the bar banned us for this action. We have no clue as to why she took this action none of us were causing an issue. I don't care if we are barred or not I don't think this is a proper way to run a business or treat patrons. I could see if we had started a fight or refused paying a tab or were disruptive to the establishment. But none of the above was the issue. If she had an issue with the person she didn't want to serve she could have said something. But seeing as how she just decided to ban us for trying to spend money in her pub it is beyond me....

Rating: 1 Stars Review by floridalass

norwich, United Kingdom - 1st February 2012

My Son and his mate from Uni went in this pub today My sons mate ordered 2 drinks for himself and my son didnt want one the miserable woman serving said if my son didnt have a drink he would have to leave!!! how ridiculous needless to say they walked out, bad move My son and all his uni mates who have just started a 3 year course at Norwich Uni college of the arts will now take their Student pound elsewhere,

if you are considering this pub for an evening out Good Luck!!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by LouLou10

norwich, United Kingdom - 1st March 2011

Horrible bar, horrible manager. do yourself a favour: just dont go. the staff that work there are perfectly nice but the manager is a disgusting woman with a vile attitude.

Rating: 5 Stars Review by SuzieK

Norwich, United Kingdom - 1st January 2011

I have to disagree with a lot of these comments, i was in Delaneys Christmas Eve & yes I did have to wait to be served (10 mins maybe) the young girl who did serve me (after the Lovely Lady with the red hair behind the bar asked her to) she probably felt i was waiting too long, the young girl served me with a smile on her face, so i'm afraid i did not come across any sign of bad manners or rudeness from any of the bar staff. Well Done Delaneys!

Rating: 1 Stars Review by thedj

norwich, United Kingdom - 28th November 2010

awful, called up at first to get some details and they were just rude. When i went in not very welcoming at all. and they could not serve a drink any slower or with more attitude, dont like the pub life then dont own one. honestly. Never stepping foot in there again

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Mazza88

Norwich, United Kingdom - 10th November 2009

This is the most shady place in norwich it is very biased, it has a staff that are unorganized and are very unhelpful. The service in general isn't very well organized. The last time i went into Delaneys I had to wait 20 minutes to actually be served, which made me really stressed and in a hurry and that was just for a glass of lemonade! I wouldn't recommend this as a venue to be attended on a regular or occasional basis and would probably recommend places like the mischief or the bell in norwich which are a lot cheaper and have better service.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by k0509

norwich, United Kingdom - 25th October 2009

I went to delaneys for a night out recently and was disgusted with the managers attitude (LINDA). I was waiting to be served and when everyone else had been served and i said excuse me to her, she put her hand in my face in an intimidating way and shouted 'im busy' i gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking she may have just been stressed out but then she continued to purposefully ignore me. I was very confused so asked if there was anyone higher than her who i could make a complaint to, to which she cockily replied 'no, I'm the boss here love' and kicked me and my friends out. She is a hideous woman with a huge chip on her shoulder and i urge anyone who is thinking of going to delaneys to reconsider.
Something like that can really ruin your night, as it did mine. I hope the owner reads this review and i strongly advise him or her to talk to the staff at delaneys and find out how this woman treats the staff and the customers. It is appalling.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Laurendo

Norwich, United Kingdom - 14th October 2008

I recently hsd a joint birthday party in the function room above the bar. It seemed good, just a £100 deposit It was fine to start. We had booked the place until 2am, but maybe half the guests had moved on by about 12.30 but there were still people drinking and dancing and suddenly I turn around and the female owner is in my friends face (the other bday girl, who is 5"2 and was sitting down) shouting about how the night had been a disaster for her and we all had to leave and implying that no one had turned up for our party she has never had people so unpopular and basically being VERY unprofessional and rude. We left, and asked for our cheque but she implied we wouldn't get it back and to come back tomorrow. Obviously my friend was really shocked and upset about being screamed at and the night ended badly. I would STRONGLY urge people not to risk booking the place. We got the deposit back the next day so I think she just said that we wouldn't too upset us.

Rating: 2 Stars Review by igonaqiu

Norwich, United Kingdom - 6th August 2008

Good location, reasonable selection of drinks, cosy decor and easy-going atmosphere. The music was a little loud for my tastes, but not desperately so.

I was very dissappointed with my visit as I was served a bad pint which the staff refused to replace with an alternative. None of the staff were prepared to taste it to check it was off. According to the person in charge at the time (not the manager), there was no one on the premises with the authority to deal with my complaint as they'd been told my particular beer brand had been tested and OKed 3 days previously! The staff were, at a pinch, polite though entirely uninterested. Never before have I been unable to secure a replacement for a bad pint. I shan't be returning.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by silverstick Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 5th August 2008

Given the choice I would choose somewhere else to drink rather than Delaney's but I regularly get pulled there by friends and when I do I can see why it is popular because of it's large crowds and great location (improved by new pedestrianisation). I think it fair to say though not many stay for the second drink but as a place in which to stand, sup and ponder it does it's job.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by madlysheepish Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 5th February 2008

I was looking for a venue for a joint birthday party in Norwich, and liked the look of Delaneys. We asked and spoke to a gormless supervisor who had the 'I don't care' attitude. I booked it, then came across this site and found what other people had wrote about it. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and we went in to pay the deposit. We were 'greeted' by the manager, and she sneered down her nose at me. She started telling me that if any of our friends were under the age of the 18, and tried to get in she would throw everyone out. I wouldn't have thought this would be the way to treat the people who would be earning her £500+ . She is rude, ignorant and patronising. We will now be taking our business elsewhere and I hope anyone else reading this and thinking of booking there will take the advise of those unfortunate enough to come across her.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by Ihatedelaneys

United Kingdom - 24th July 2007

Dont book your party here unless you wont the very rude manager to call time on your party 2 hours before the end because "she can't spare the bar staff", Or have your over priced food put in the bin to hurry you on your way. What was a wonderful night was wrecked by the manager.
The bar staff where first class, If you own a bar please give them a job as no one should have to work for this woman.

Rating: 1 Stars Review by VivButler

Ipswich, United Kingdom - 23rd July 2007

The manager of Delaney's completely ruined my husband's birthday party with her abusive, ill-mannered behaviour. The bar staff were great, but after the appalling treatment my guests and I received from the manager I will never use this venue again and am only giving it a one star rating because this site doesn't allow me to mark it as a zero.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by tonyg Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 2nd April 2007

Feel that as a themed Irish pub I should give it a low rating on principle but can't as I really like the beer and there always seems to be a good atmosphere there! Worth dropping in on the way to or from Tombland.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by Cleo

Norwich, United Kingdom - 11th November 2006

Manager is one of the most patronising I have come across.Other than that worth it for a mixed crowd,and a good atmosphere.

Rating: 3 Stars Review by billysfc Trusted Reviewer

norwich, United Kingdom - 4th October 2006

This place was 100 times better before it became a sports bar. The manager is a witch - fag ash lil to be precise. Should never have changed ownership. That said, it will always have a part in the odd pub crawl.

Rating: 4 Stars Review by JDam Trusted Reviewer

Norwich, United Kingdom - 28th August 2006

Hasn't changed much, if at all since it's opening but still a popular Irish bar and well worth a visit.

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